Data Safety

Data Safety

The WEBSPRINT© application is hosted in an ecocenter in France.

An eco-centre is an energy-efficient data centre concept. Your data is stored in your dedicated space within a neutral ecocenter and benefits from the same level of security applied to sensitive data.

The ecocenter is a highly secure site:

  • Double high protection enclosure
  • Security gantry crane associated with an armoured airlock
  • Access control
  • Trespassing detection
  • Video surveillance 24/7

Sol Solution has chosen this Datacenter concept for its credibility and security:

  • It is independent of telecom operators
  • It hosts the computer data of healthcare professionals

Its infrastructure is a BBC-type structure located in an HQE zone far from any natural or industrial risks. It is equipped with very high efficiency cooling technology, making it one of the most environmentally friendly data centres in France.

It is ISO 27001 and HDS certified.

The datacenter is connected to a security PC:


  • For fire protection
  • For the detection of fluids
  • For on-site access management

Stored in optimal conditions, your data is safe from computer problems, but also from damage, water damage and fire. Outsourced backup allows you to reduce costs related to energy consumption, hardware maintenance, but also to anticipate your company’s data storage capacity needs.